Our Courses

Five Week Courses.

The five week course contains most of the modules offered at Scenic Painters. It is an intensive period of study covering most aspects of scenic art and scenic painting. The five weeks is divided between scenic painting and scenic art with two backdrop projects as well as up to 24 faux finishes. We will also discuss the jobs market and how to get work in the industry.
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The Two Week Finishes Course.

The Finishes Course covers a range of scenic painting and paint effects. It's popular among students working in the TV and film sectors who wish to focus on scenic painting but are less interested in scenic art and backdrop work. It's basically the same as the first two weeks of the five week course. It comprises of the same five elements, two day modules in Scenic decoration / ageing, wood finishes, stone, metal and brick finishes.
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Cloth Weeks

Cloth weeks allow students to come and paint a small backdrop usually working from an old master painting. These projects can be tackled upright, with the cloth stretched on a paint frame or flat, with the cloth on the floor. It's a great chance to improve your portfolio and learn new techniques.

At the moment we only offering one week courses in cloth painting, although more one week courses are planned for 2022 covering scenic painting in greater depth. Sign up to the Newsletter to make sure you get new updates about new courses
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Spray Weeks

Our new one week spray gun courses will allow students to work through a series of spray painting exercises becoming familiar with a spray gun. Then we'll paint a small simple backdrop, again using a spray gun. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the use of a spray gun and what it offers scenic painters. You'll also have some spray painted images for your portfolio.
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Weekend Courses

Our range of weekend courses allow students to gain skills without taking time off work. There are five modules, which when put together cover exactly the same ground as the Finishes Course, and the first two weeks of the Five Week Course.