Courses in Scenic Art and Scenic Painting

Two Week Courses.

We offer two separate Two Week courses. The Finishes Course covers a range of scenic painting and paint effects. It's popular among students working in the TV and film sectors who wish to focus on scenic painting but are less interested in scenic art and backdrop work. The Scenic course serves as an introduction to all areas of scenic painting and art but goes into less depth. A great introduction to the work of a Scenic!

Two Week Scenic Course.

This course serves more as an introduction to both scenic painting and scenic art. This was the format of the first course run from the studio. The first week starts out with a two day module in scenic decoration and ageing. Then there are three days of scenic finishes, seven or eight picked from wood, bricks, stone and metal. The second week is a cloth painting week. This is a good option if you'd like to experience the whole spectrum of work as a scenic.

Two Week Finishes Course

The Two week finishes course is basically the same as the first two weeks of the five week course. It comprises of the same five elements, two day modules in Scenic decoration / ageing, wood finishes, stone metal and brick finishes.